Product introduction

hörbert - Wooden audio player

The wooden hörbert is the new music player in children's rooms

German manufacturer Winzki manufactures an mp3 player in a natural casing

Wood is genuine, long-lasting and it feels warm to the touch. Therefore, many parents choose this high-quality material as an alternative for their children's toys.

Winzki GmbH & Co. KG from Germany, now manufactures hörbert - a portable mp3 player in a wooden chassis containing a built-in loudspeaker. Music and audio books are played back from a re-writable memory card which contains 140 minutes of music and audio books on delivery.

With their little fingers, children can push nine big coloured buttons on the front of the wooden case in order to listen to their favourite music or audio books - again and again. Behind each of the nine coloured buttons, several music titles or story chapters can be stored for playback. Children quickly learn that pressing the same button repeatedly advances playback to the next tracks behind that button. This way of navigating through hörbert's content makes any kind of display obsolete.

With the help of the accompanying computer software for Windows and Mac (Intel), parents are able to copy their children's mp3 tracks or audio-CDs to hörbert's memory card. The SD card that is shipped with hörbert provides a capacity for 17 hours of music and audio books. Four AA/LR06 (Mignon)-batteries are also included in the package. They last up to 50 hours of playback at an average volume.

hörbert combines advantages of natural wood, child-oriented functionality and safety in line with modern digital technology. The coloured buttons, for example, consist of phthalate-free ABS plastics. No control element can be pulled of by hand. The player's back panel is tightly fastened by a flush-mounted screw that can be opened with the help of a coin. The box has a sweat and saliva proof coating. The metals used are stainless, for exaple the speaker grille is made of stainless steel. The maximum volume of hörbert can be limited by the parents with the help of a switch inside the device.

Winzki uses a lot of manual labour in order for the player to meet their high expectations regarding an accurate, health-conscious and sustainable manufacturing process.

Hörbert, the durable musical companion in a wooden chassis, with its quality in material and configuration can be bought online at a price of 239,- Euro. It can also be personalised with an engraving, if desired. hörbert, his spare parts and addons are available at: hörbert arrives at your home in a reusable cardboard box without any stuffing.

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About the company:

Winzki GmbH & Co. KG is a small company domiciled in Frickenhausen, Germany.

Date of incorporation: 9.2.2011 by founder and managing director: Rainer Brang


Press Contact:

Sandra Brang

Benzstr. 2

72636 Frickenhausen, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)70225064202


hörbert - 25x18x7 cm, weighs 1000 grams.