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Wooden MP3 offers a natural storage for your digital music

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Wooden MP3 offers a natural storage for your digital music


You sow it, you reap it, you shape it and you play it! Wood has been the “mother material” for crafting many exotic musical instruments. From dulcet strings to thumping percussion, wood is the resonant wizard behind the enchanting and enthralling tones. Small wonder that now it should play role in today’s “tech born” devices of music listening. From Germany comes an mp3 player crafted in wood. It is aimed at capturing the imagination of very young listeners. Well “wood” it? Let’s see.

The beautiful wooden cabinet encompasses a portable mp3 player specially designed for children. The product has been designed in the Baden-Wuerttemberg state capital and its specialty is that it has been crafted using non-toxic materials with a lot of manual work. The materials used to craft this cute mp3 player include anodized aluminum, stainless steel and four local species of wood. Quality has not been compromised at any point of its design.

The interior of mp3 box is well equipped with all the needed things. Adults can open the back wall and insert SD card and swap battery without using any tools, making it safe for children. The buttons, switches etc. are very roust keeping in mind the target group that would be handling this product. Music player also come with ear protectors for the same reasons. Soft sound with limited volume of piano and forte could be maintained with a switch located inside.

This mp3 player can be transformed to a complete disc jockey for your kids with its nine colorful selections of buttons to produce different plays and music. Rewinding and jumping back buttons are also available that could be used without any trouble. The portable mp3 player weighs around 950 g and is quite sturdy with rugged switches and volume controls.

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